The Xs Play Gets a 10

In February the Xs begin C&C students’ favorite time of the year: play season. The Xs intended to make a play to remember and they did just that. The XsMe were the first group in our school’s history to write and execute a traveling play.

They started all the way on the top floor of the 13th Street Building in the XIIIs’ room, where the Xs acted out the first scene, and then traveled all over the school.

As Robert Millacci described the play, “In the XsMe room we acted out the funeral and set up candles and diffusers and turned off all the lights and painted a bunch of murals.”

This does, in fact, sound like a hard task, but according to Robert and Julia Duplantis, the group play went smoothly with no mistakes.

The play itself takes place in Ancient Egypt and tells the story of the murder of an innocent man. Robert said, “It’s about this family robbing a tomb because there’s a drought and the Nile is supposed to flood but it doesn’t.”

The Xs will be performing the less violent parts of their play for their VsW buddies, so they can get a play experience.

Now that the XsMe has finished work on their play the XsMo have started work on their play, which is scheduled for February 15th. The XsMo’s play tells the story of the Assyrians and the Babylonians and how they were turned against each other by the gods.

According to Spencer Gaddie, XsMo, “Its called War Between the Rivers because it's about a war between the Assyrians and the Babylonians over water during a drought.”

Unlike the XsMe play, the XsMo play will be stationed in the Rhythms Room like most C&C plays.

Aside from the Xs’ work on their plays, they have been attacking some complicated concepts in Math such as geometry and the order of operations. “The way you remember the order of operations is P.E.M.D.A.S.,” said Suniva Achuthan.

Aside from the X’s academic work, the XsMo are tackling a recurring issue in the C&C community: Yard. More specifically the Xs are trying to balance between the ever popular dodgeball and other games. Most students enjoy a variety of games and are not happy with playing dodgeball every day. So the students have devised a plan to make sure that they play different games each day, ensuring everyone will have a fun time in Yard.

As the Xs wrap up their play process and conclude their units on Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, they will segue into their unit on the Medieval Era.

While balancing school work and social issues, the Xs are handling quite a bit these past few weeks. While play work has consumed most of the Xs schedule, they are all excited to show off their acting talent.

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