The XIs: Renaissance, Shakespeare, and More!

The Xls are busy. Students in XlsJ are looking at magnificent buildings in Florence and creating some hilarious Shakespearean insults.

Also, on a more serious note, the Xls are still in APL preparing for their upcoming ERB test on February 15th.

The Xls watched a video in Science and are making some great art during these busy times. In the XlsJ, they are looking at different buildings and bridges in Florence, Italy. One Xl is researching the Medici Chapels. Another fun activity that they are doing is creating Shakespearean insults. Maya Lax, XlsJ explained that one group in her class is pretending to be sisters who all have a crush on the same person. After all the fighting and drama, they realize that the man is their brother. However, this is just one example of fun. In Science, they are watching a film on food waste, but will soon be exploring the topic of bridges. In Art class, the Xls are working on their self-portraits. “We get a mirror and we have to draw our facial features,” said Phoebe Francis-Dowzer, XlsJ. Since the Xls job is working the printing press, they have been quite busy. “We are making our stuff for our monthly card sale,” shared Maya. Phoebe explains that Maya made a clover on her card for their March sale. After asking what materials the Xls are using to make their creative cards, we learned that they use the block type and their linoleum cuts. XlsD are studying poetry and Shakespeare, as well as learning about humanism. They have been reading poetry, including Shakespeare, and are learning about sonnets. There is rumored to be a poetry related trip in the future. On Monday February 4th, the XIs went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they looked at Greek and Roman sculptures, or “like naked people” as Ellie Keane, XIsD said. They also thought about humanism as they toured the museum Humanism is the philosophy of human discovery and life in the real world. If occurred in the Renaissance as a comeback to the über religiousness of the Middle Ages. Instead of painting pictures of Christianity in the Middle Ages, during in the Renaissance painters thought they had to discover the gifts God gave them. “The XIs have been skimming over Renaissance and Venetian history, but will soon go into more detail,” said Miguel Robayo, XIsD. The XIsD have also watching and discussing a “MLK” documentary post MLK Day. In Music, the XIs “are going to make songs about poetry with Daniel,” said Tenzin Niles. Ellie Keane said that the homework load has gotten harder, but it is still controllable. The XIs are growing as learners and are eager to soon be jumping into more detailed research topics. The month of February has many events, including the DISC dance, the Valentine’s Day pop up sale, and the practise ERB test. These busy Xls are holding up great in 2019.

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