The Vs Branch Out to New Activities

The Vs have been enjoying the many projects they can choose from in the classroom. They have been continuing many of their projects and even starting new ones. Weaving, counting, building, and running are some favorites.

“We’re feeling happy and also excited,” said Yassi Motamedi.

Weaving seems to be a favorite of the Vs.

“Lots of Vs like weaving,” said Stella Goodhart. Yassi weaved using some of her favorite colors: purple, yellow, and blue. Once their weavings are complete, the Vs can hang them up in the classroom or take them home. Every V has to do at least one weaving, but some Vs who enjoy weaving a lot, like Stella, can do a second one.

The VsW have also been continuing their study of the letters of the alphabet. To remember the letters and their sounds, they’ve been associating letters with certain movements. For example, B’s movement is hitting a golf ball, and W’s movement is lifting a weight. They have been using these skills for when they read with their Xs buddies and will be continuing their alphabet study when they start reading on their own in the VIs.

The Vs love to see their Xs buddies, and they get to see them almost every day while the Xs are in the Ball Yard. They meet with their Xs buddies about twice a week.

“We sing songs that are in Spanish, and we read books with them,” said Henry Williamson-Saylor.

Layla Weiss said “It’s always very exciting.”

The Vs have been enjoying other projects, such as building. In the classroom, scaled-down versions of the Natural History Museum and Madison Square Garden were built. Together, the Vs are building their own town of blocks. Yassi built a hopsital, and Henry built a jail. In the Block Yard, they have also been building unique structures like rockets and racecars. The VsM have been learning numbers and practicing their counting in math, and have also been trying some new things in Rhythms. Henry explained that, during Rhythms, the Vs like to pretend to be planes. “We put ropes on our heads and climbed the ladders,” said Emmett O’Hare. “It’s kinda exciting in the Vs because you get to learn more than one thing,” said Layla. With so many different and new activities to choose from, all of the Vs are happy with what they are doing.

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