The VIs Get Crafty

The industrious VIs have been busy during these past few weeks putting their ingenuity to the test. Every week the VIs are up to something new, Angela Giraudo, VIsT, was one of the students who made a house. As she walked over to her building, she explained the design and her inspiration for it. She claimed that her house was meant for “Maya [Finkelstein], Zoe [Lee Abramcyk], and me.” Angela explained that the house was meant to look like her house except that the people inside were not her parents, sister or dog. Instead, these people were friends, acting out the generic figures of a household. Maya built a house separate from Angela. One of the differences between the two was that Maya’s house was open to all people. Meaning, “whoever wants to come in, can come in.” Her goal was to ensure that any VI who wanted to, could work or visit her house. She used a small box to represent the living room. Right across from the living room was a small bedroom made from two big blocks. Maya explained that although the house was small with limited rooms, it was “easy to pretend it’s real.” Sam Schwider, VIsT, was making a project from a well known video game. He made several small buildings and configurations that looked like animals. The inspiration for this eccentric world, as Sam said, “...comes from the game Minecraft!” Despite the fact that Sam said he has never played this game, he said that the graphics in the game are “cool” and “look awesome.” Sam used what he knew about the game to create his own Minecraft world. He attempted to recreate animals such as pigs or sheep that he has seen in photographs of the game. It is apparent that the Block Yard period provides the opportunity to use their imaginations to create a structure that is purely unique. Similarly, VIsE used their creative intelligence to create puppet shows. For several weeks, they worked to construct a stage, hand-make puppets and paint their backdrop. The class was divided into four small groups. Each group was assigned a fairy tale theme to use for their special performance. The first group received the theme, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. “We made our mural and are making a puppet show. I am painting the troll,” said Serafina Rura-Haug as she covered her cardboard troll with a coat of blue-gray paint. The VIs used cloth, felt and multi-colored buttons to decorate their puppets. The second group worked on their theme Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Except this is not your ordinary fairy tale. This puppet show will feature two Goldilocks instead of one. “We are putting blonde hair on her,” said Cleopatra Kelemen. Cleo and Anya Shangloo were dutifully painting their Goldilocks puppets. The two puppets looked exactly alike. Both puppets had matching blue tops, purple shoes and pink skirts decorated with purple and green flowers. Cleo and Anya gave them long eyelashes and big, jolly smiles. When they were finished, they carefully clipped their masterpieces to the easel to let them dry. The third group had a theme inspired by a popular nursery rhyme, The Three Little Kittens. “It’s about three little kittens who lost their mittens and they began to fly,” said Harper. Penelope and Harper were very passionate and eager as they practiced their lines aloud. They made sure to color code their parts with highlighters in order to remember their lines. Together, they happily practiced their cat noises and recited their lines. “I am the narrator because I really really wanted to,” said Penelope, who is obviously dedicated to her performance. The final group is doing The Three Little Pigs, another classic tale that we all know and love.“We are making three houses and we have five characters,” said Iyla. She elaborated by explaining that instead of one wolf, there will be two. She explained that one wolf will blow the houses down, while the other does not, hinting at a unique plot twist. From constructing buildings out of blocks to creating puppets out of paper, the VIs have proven that they are able to use their creativity to accomplish nearly anything. After experiencing the countless projects that the VIs have developed, one can immediately notice the originality and creativity that flows throughout the VIs minds.

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