The VIIs Build up Their Skills

The VIIsR have been hard at work learning about Chinatown and immigration in asian cultures. The purpose of this study is to understand the differences between Asian cultures. Willem Vaishville, VIIsR, explained “... you can’t cram a bunch of cultures into one culture. Like saying that Chinese people like sushi, when sushi is Japanese.”

The VIIs have taken two field trips to Chinatown. On their first trip they walked around Chinatown to decide what they were going to build. Nicoletta Turner of the VIIsR is recreating a bakery they had in chinatown. While Willem Vaishville is recreating the restraunt they went to have Dim Sum on their second trip. It seems as though the VIIsR seemed to loved getting Dim sum. Willem Vaishville, VIIsR, said “I loved it. [I thought that] It was really delicious.”

To build on their studies, the VIIsR have also learned about the Chinese zodiac and Lunar New Year.

“I’m the year of the Tiger,” Willem Vaishville said.

“I’m the year of the Rabbit” added Nicoletta Turner.

The VIIsR seem to have noticed in researching their Zodiacs that their are only 5 tigers in their class while the rest seem to be rabbits.

In addition to the Zodiac and Lunar New Year Calendar, VIIsR have also been learning Chinese characters. Currently they only know how to write Chinatown, but they will learn more characters and make signs in chinese. This will lead up to them making a mural with all of their names in chinese on it.

Although the VIIsR have are still working on Chinatown, The VIIsC have already finished their project on the Lower east side and have moved on to their next project, the Brooklyn Bridge. We interviewed Willem Haley and Will Gerrity who are working with highlighters to make the distinction between different parts of the Bridge. Willem is working on the Brooklyn tower, the tower closest to Brooklyn. Will is working on Roads and Ramps, both essential parts of the bridge. They both like working on the bridge and are very excited to continue their work. Along with building the Brooklyn Bridge, both VIIs groups have been studying Bridges in Science. While in Science, both VIIs groups are building a truss bridge out of hot glue and popsicle sticks. Nicoletta Turner said, “It’s basically a bridge made of triangles.” The VIIsR are learning about larger numbers and place values in math. On the other hand, the VIIsC have finished adding and are now working on subtraction. The VIIs have mixed feelings on Math, because the math can be difficult, but it is also exciting to learn harder contests. According to both Will and Willem, they are not doing much writing, but they are doing a lot of reading. In class, Will is reading a book called Dragons Breath by author E. D. Baker, and Willem, is reading a book called Dragons Master by Tracey West. When asked why they both were reading a book about dragons, they said that they really love dragons. The VIIsR have been doing alot of writing. They started writing a book about blocks and how to build this out of them. This is not the first time the VIIsR have been writing in the classroom. They previously had to write about what their neighborhood looks like, and before that they had to describe what they saw when they walked out their front door. They have also been able to have free writing time. Where the VIIs have been able to decide what they write about based on a list they had made earlier in the year. Along with their writing, the VIIs have also been painting and working with clay. Willem and Will like working with the clay and have built a functional cup. Ruth Conroy brought back easel painting. While easel painting has been done throughout IVs-VIs it has not been something that has been done in the VIIs for a long time. The reason Ruth, the teacher in the VIIsR, decided to bring it back was because she felt that, “It’s important for them to continue to strengthen their artistic development. It seems as though the VIIs have been looking to the rest of the year with both anticipation and anxiety.

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