The IVs Get Creative

As February rolls around, the IVs are letting their imaginations run free. Recently, the IVsN have just finished creating their homemade play-doh. When we walked into their classroom, the IVs were busy at work kneading and playing with their dough. According to the IVs, the ingredients that were used to make their magical creation were flour, oil, salt, and blue food coloring. Playing with the dough seems to be a very popular activity among the IVs currently, as the new playdough table during work time seemed very full. However, it is not the only popular thing. As always, the IVs love to build with blocks both indoors and outdoors. When we inteviewed both groups, they said that building a speedboat, computer and power ranger station were among their favorite things to create. Campbell Pope and Mason Christou, IVsL, said, “We love to build train stations in Penn Station.” One exciting thing that the IVsN have recently been doing is their “Beautiful Things” activity. Each IV has collected ten recyclable items from their houses and brought them to the classroom. There, the IVsN put their items in a bin and are now beginning to sort the many items, based on size, shape, color, shininess, and other characteristics. The IVsN have recently been quite intrigued by recycling, so this activity seems like a perfect way to further their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity. The IVsL have also been experimenting in their classroom. They have started dying cloth with multiple colors and are soon going to begin weaving. As the year progresses, the IVs are becoming closer and closer to their XIIs. They said that their favorite thing about the XIIs is that they take them downstairs. When asked about the XIIs, Lila Sharma, exclaimed, “Yeah, great!” The IVs are also still enjoying the Spanish song books that the XIIs made for them in the beginning of the year. This year’s IVs groups seem to have grand imaginations. Through all their experiments and block building, they are expressing excitement and delight. When we left the classroom, Lila exclaimed, “The IVsL love to play.” Overall, both groups are having a blast, continuing to exercise their curiosity, creativity, and collaboration in and outside the classroom.

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