The IIs Go Wordless

As the afternoon group of IIs comes into the classroom and settles on the floor for story time, Sara Hance, IIs teacher, takes out a wordless book titled Moonlight. While the morning group of IIs has not taken to the wordless books, the afternoon group has really loved them. Sara says that the IIs have been comparing the happenings in the book to their home lives. During story time, the IIs describe what they see in the book. One of the favorites has been Sunshine, which was illustrated by Jan Ormerod, the same illustrator for Moonlight.

“They’re eating,” said Millie Fan, as she excitedly observed the family in the book. The IIs each took a guess at what the family was eating. Millie blurted out “cookies,” while another II said, “maybe having water.” As the book progressed, the IIs scooched up closer to see what else they could point out in Moonlight.

Sara then asked the IIs, “Who is eating?” to which Millie responded, “Mommy and Daddy.”

Echo Doig pointed to one of the children in the book and said, “That’s me!” Once the fictional family finished eating, the book then followed the rest of the young girl’s routine.

“Maybe they’re going to get dressed,” said Io Holl. Soon, the IIs began telling each other who helps them to get ready and dressed for bedtime. As the main character of the book prepared for bed, the IIs compared her nighttime routine to their own. When asked what she was doing with her teddy bear, Gabe Chang said, “Wrapping it in a blanket.”

“She’s going to daddy,” said Eli when the child in the book got out of bed. Remy Salvaris then shook his head when it was said that she was scared. “She couldn’t sleep,” he said. Amelia Wells proceeded to ask why she couldn’t sleep. The IIs then said that she maybe saw a monster and went to her parent’s room to sleep. Sara asked the IIs if this ever happened to them, to which the majority replied with a yes, except for Io, who said, “I sleep all night.”

The child in the book then slept on the couch, which led to Amelia asking why she was sleeping on the couch. Sara once again asked the IIs if they’ve had a similar experience.

All the answers remained the same, except for Io, who said, “That doesn’t happen to me.”

Echo recalled a time where she saw a monster in her room and went “to get mommy.” Amelia said that she has a clock in her room that, when it turns yellow and green, tells her when to go into her mommy’s bed. Remy, just like Io, couldn’t relate to his classmates and goes right to sleep at night.

Once the book was finished, the IIs had a work time with their choice of blocks or water, where many IIs chose blocks. Enzo, tired from the class discussion over “Moonlight,” went over by the books and the carpet to lie down. “Woah, this baby is heavy,” said Amelia as she carried a baby in one hand and a block in the other, going back and forth to gather materials for her baby’s crib.

Enzo then got up and began to build, heading over to the blocks and saying, “need more cubes.” Meanwhile, Amelia started building her crib. After she had finished it, she then decided that “we need a gate” to finalize her construction.

Gabe said, “I’m making dinner today” as he used a spoon to stir cubes in a metal bowl. He then said, “I’m making a bat because it’s big.”

The other IIs were building structures or doing things reminiscent of their own lives, such as Amelia’s structure of a crib. As the IIs progress in school, they are learning of the ways that their school lives relate to their home lives and have been growing closer to each other, each day as a group.

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