The IIIs Show Their Imagination to the World

The IIIs have been continuing their everyday routine, and their imaginations continue to grow using things like kinetic sand, animals, songbooks and blocks. They have been exploring different animals lately, ranging from spiders to snow leopards.

The IIIsC have been working with kinetic sand recently, and they have been making things such as houses for animals, jungles and carousels both on land and underwater. All the IIIs had a few animals that they were putting on top of the sand.

“My fox is in his house,” said Elias Solebo.

“I’m making a merry-go-round,” said Romy Chao. The IIIs had preferences for the animals they used when they molded their kinetic sand.

“My favorite is a sheep,” said Vida Weisberger.

“My favorite is the fox and the snow leopard,” said Elias.

Some IIIs were making things that were underwater, like carousels that sunk to the bottom of the ocean, while others made houses, and even jungles.

Moving on from kinetic sand, the IIIsR have a toy of their own to be excited about. The light table is essentially a way to mix paints without the mess. Any type of translucent materials such as tissue paper can be stacked to show the way colors interact.

The IIIs do not simply look to science in their search for knowledge. They also have quite an appetite for adventure. Sawyer Newton decided to build a plane out of chairs. Captain Sawyer was given a total limit of six chairs for his cause, and counted a total of eight chairs. The captain was followed by his passengers and flight attendants only to learn that the “road [runway] was broken.”

The IIIsR have a room packed to the brim with materials. The blocks lining the walls tower over even the tallest of IIIs. The kids, whether the sun is out or the clouds hang over, have a good time with their endless imaginations.

In the IIIsA they have been exploring new things on the Roof Yard, including spaceships and spider webs. “We’re building a really big spaceship,” said Max English. Max was stacking a few boards on top of a box and under that, spiders would come out.

“We’re building a spaceship but also spiders,” said Claudia Matthews. Almost all the boards on the Roof Yard were being used to build a spider web.

“We’re going to build a spider web and weave them together, and after, the spiders will climb up the bridge,” said Kai.

The IIIs have imaginations that older people could not begin to comprehend. The chair planes, spider spaceships, kinetic sand, and animal books all come to life inside the minds of the children. The IIIs have an extraordinary ability to hold the attention of themselves, their peers, and their teachers with their endless games. For a XII or XIII, school seems like work. For a III, school is whatever they want it to be and that is truly magical.

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