NYSAIS Will Visit

Many students may not be aware that one way that their parents learned about C&C was through an organization called the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS).

Scott Moran, Principal, said about NYSAIS, “One thing they do is act in the interest of independent schools in New York. If a law is passed for independent schools, they fight on our behalf. Every ten years they also look at each independent school and evaluate if we are doing what we say we are doing, like us saying we are a progressive school.” Scott added, “They also make sure we are financially stable and are governing ourselves well.”

However, at the halfway mark of those ten years, Scott needs to write up a progress report.

“The five-year mark is not that big of a report. They usually just want to know about finances and how the Board of Trustees is working, big changes and how we are working on the recommendations they have given us,” said Scott

This may seem like many things to remember to write about, but Scott makes it easy. “I collected information from multiple people, everyone that has to do with the recommendations. I collected bullet points and I am going to then make into an actual paragraph.”

The report is also typed in sections to make it more organized. An example is how the head of school and things like the administrative structure are listed under the heading of big changes. There are also sections about school finances, school governance, and responses to their recommendations five years ago.

According to Scott, this report should range from 35-40 pages. Scott said that he has “23 pages written so far. I am good, though. I have another month.” The report is due March 4, and then a NYSAIS visiting team comes in the middle of April. Scott added, “I am not nervous about the visit or what they think about us because everything they look at, we are doing better than five years ago. I am nervous about the deadline since it is a big document.”

There are several different levels of accreditation that the NYSAIS could give C&C. They could put the school on probation, which means we would need to change things within ten years. Then if they did not think we had changed anything, we would lose our accreditation and they would no longer vouch for us.

The NYSAIS is a big organization that has fought for C&C, and it would be a tragedy to lose its accreditation.

“It helps for the parents and students . . . to know that what we say we are doing, we are doing, and that we are well run. The NYSAIS confirms this for us,” said Scott.

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