Louis C.K Mocking Parkland Survivors?

Arguably one of the most successful comedians in recent memory, Louis C.K, has made a controversial comeback performance after he admitted to sexual misconduct. In a similar vein to other cases regarding #MeToo, news publications scurried to write hit pieces lampooning the Emmy Award winning comedian. The vast majority of these articles simply quote tweets from fellow entertainers, as well as random people, that

make flagrant remarks regarding jokes from Mr. C.K’s performance. Twitter users came out with insulting slander like, “I like dark humor but this is truly awful to listen to. It’s not funny at all. Louis C.K is a disgusting man in every aspect and he’s not a comedian, he’s a (swear). I hope his career stays dead, we don’t need him.”

Ignoring the fact that ruining the career of someone because we “don’t need him” is somewhat fascist, it is quite clear that this comedy set has gotten a rise out of people. What is strange is how much of a rise it has gotten. Obviously forgiveness should not be offered to the likes of Harvey Weinstein. However, those who are not felons should be given a chance to come back into the public eye. It seems to be the case that these Twitter users are of the opinion that Mr. C.K’s jokes crossed the line in terms of crudeness, but the esteemed comedian has never received media covered mass backlash over jokes previous to his #MeToo moment. This tweet be user K_Tenn might shed some light on this sudden outrage, “#LouisCK obviously has learned NOTHING from his recent descent into notoriety. Being controversial is always a plus, but being offensive ends careers these days. #RealTalk He just got back! Really Louis?”

Louis C.K has said far more offensive things over his career, and the people who tweet things like that have presumably heard his material before, so it seems illogical to throw a fit over this particular performance. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that this recent backlash is the result of people legitimately believing that repentance is not enough to allow someone back into society.

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