Food Companies Try to Earn Health Label

What is healthy? Many food companies want their goods to be perceived as healthy. Since so many companies are questioning what foods are okay to put into your body, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided to make stricter rules on what foods are okay to put into your body because many companies are questioning what is okay. People are developing more of an awareness for their health and are avoiding foods with too much sugar or fat. Making healthy choices is becoming more important, so people need help deciding what is nutritious.

When people normally think of the word healthy, they think of being in good health and not being sick. Something that people need to start looking out for is the ingredients in food. If something has too much fat, it is not beneficial to your body. A big problem with trying to be healthy is that people think eating a lot of a food that is great for your body is good for you.

‘“The problem is that healthy is relative,” said Bruce Y. Lee, a health professor at Johns Hopkins University. Lee gave the example of eating only broccoli. “That wouldn't be healthy.”

What people do not realize is that they need to be careful with their food choices everyday. “A lot of people believe that only eating fruits and vegetables makes them healthy, but one needs to have a balanced diet. Everyone needs some vitamin C, D, and E,” said Nathalie Robayo, Xllls.

In addition to what people think is healthy, companies want to attract more customers by earning the label of being a healthy company. For example, take Kind, the snack bar company. The FDA warned the company that its snack bars had too much fat to use the term. “Kind argued against the FDA. The company said its fat came from nuts,” said the Associated Press. Fat that comes from nuts is “good fat.”

However, there are some fats that should be avoided. One should watch out for trans fats and saturated fats. “Naturally-occurring trans fats are produced in the gut of some animals,” said the American Heart Association. “Artificial trans fats, or trans fatty acids, are created in an industrial process that adds hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid.” These should be avoided because they are being linked to heart disease.

Like fats, GMOs are something to watch out for. People have many opinions on what is healthy. “The Sierra Club wants ‘healthy’ to exclude foods made with genetically engineered ingredients. These are foods whose genes have been changed. It also wants ‘healthy’ to exclude any artificial, or unnatural, ingredients,” said the Associated Press. There is no one definition as to what is healthy, but food created by humans such as chips and other snacks do not count as something healthy.

Since there is a limit as to what foods are healthy, what will companies do now to meet the FDA’s rules? Products are now going to have to find a way to get customers, while trying to meet the standards of being healthy. One way that people can look out for their health is look at the label on their food to check the ingredients.

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