Commutes at C&C

C&C students travel to and from C&C from many places in the greater New York area. Luckily, C&C is situated in a close proximity to many train stations including the orange line, the red line, and the path. Most C&C students live close enough to school that it only takes them a short time to come to school. In a recent survey sent out to groups XIs to XIIIs 50% of students live 15 minutes or less away from school by transit. 13% of kids reported taking transit for around 30 minutes and 27% of kids live around 45 minutes away. The two main modes of transportation recovered were subway and walking, which makes sense as many C&C students live in the area or can easily access a train to school, home, and activities. Although many students are able to wake up late and run over to school, what about the students that have to travel far distances to arrive at school. How do the 40% of students get to school and how are their lives affected because of this?

Students living in New Jersey have some of the hardest experiences getting to school because they are not New York state residents and therefore are not eligible for things like metro cards. Chase Holness, XIIIs, said that when they passed out metrocards she was not given one because she lives in New Jersey, even though she takes the train through New York City to get to school. Chase has to wake up at 5:45 am each weekday so that she can get ready and walk 10 minutes to the New Jersey transit station in Newark. She waits in the train for 30 to 45 minutes, “If I feel energized I can try to study for map and vocab quizzes, but it is very busy.” Another New Jersey resident attending C&C is Nathalie Robayo, XIIIs, who lives in Englewood, a town opposite to Inwood park at the top of Manhattan. Nathalie explained that she does not have much time to do anything else except homework when she gets home due to her long travel times.

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