C&C Thefts

stack of $100 dollar bills

The recent spate of thefts has rattled the comfortable C&C community. There are three victims of the attack: The XsMe, Todd Rosenthal, and Gee Roldan. The money stolen from the XsMe was cash for producing signs. About $260 to $300 dollars was stolen from the cabinet, which contains the group money. “I feel surprised,” said Megan Holland, group teacher of the XsMe. “I’ve always felt this community to be a very trusting community, so for the six years I’ve been at City and Country, I’ve never feared something like this happening, but I shouldn’t be surprised, because that was a lot of money sitting unlocked in a cabinet in my classroom. I’m disappointed that this happened.”

Unfortunately, this Xs group was not the only victim of the attack. After Megan had reported that money was stolen from her group, Director of the Upper School Michelle Bloom issued an email to check group money. Todd Rosenthal, school librarian and Head of Sports at C&C, was shocked to find that money was also stolen from the sports programs and from groups as well. Approximately $150 dollars was taken from sports, as well as $75 from groups. “It feels horrible,” said Todd. “It’s a violation of trust.”

Gee Roldan, Director for Special Programming and Integration at C&C, was the last victim of the attack. Roughly $70 dollars was stolen from her group money, with only a quarter remaining. “I used to feel comfortable leaving my purse and phone in my office, and I am now hesitant to.”

According to several sources, school thefts such as these have happened in the past, with the recurrence in much dispute. “In the 22 years I’ve been here, I think it happened three or four times before.” Said Todd.

The Xs had a discussion last Thursday about the stolen job money. The grade went into the conversation thinking it would be about the coat drive, and smiles shifted into shocked expressions after Megan explained that XsMe job money was stolen. When it was time for questions, people were wondering how much was stolen, and who stole the money. When asked how will this affects the Xs jobs and the whole school, Girish Thadhani, Controller at C&C, said that the XsMe will be given back all of the money that was stolen. Girish also said that this will not hurt C&C too much financially, but it is still upsetting that someone would steal money from the school.

Moving forward, there have been precautions put in place to avoid an incident from recurring. People should not let their guard down when protecting the money. Michelle Bloom said at the Xs discussion that this had happened before, and they would lock up anything and everything that contains money. After years, people have become more careless when guarding money, leading to more robberies. We have to maintain and protect our school finances from now until forever if we do not want these robberies to occur ever again.

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