Why Previous VIIIs Teacher, Jackie, Will be Returning to C&C

In June of 2018, New York passed a law that allowed teachers to be paid a portion of their salary when going on parental leave. Teachers can now take six weeks of leave and receive a portion of their salary. Before this law was passed, teachers would go on leave but receive no pay. Now, teachers have the choice to take leave, while getting a percentage of their usual salary.

Jay Frankel, VIIIsJ has left City and Country already for parental leave and is spending time with the newest member of his family, his baby, Charles Frankel. Jay will be on leave for ten weeks, which is four weeks more than what the usual amount of time given is. During that time he will spend quality time with his newborn baby and family. The leave itself will offer him only a portion of his usual salary. If there is another type of event th

at comes up in a family like surgery or taking care of a elder, this paid leave can be used. Jay feels honored that he was given this opportunity to take a few weeks off and spend time with his newborn. Jay goes on to say with this opportunity to spend quality time with a baby is an extremely necessary thing for a father and a child, because the bond between the two needs to be set and stone, but if the father or mother is at their job , that bond will not be there. Jay also mentioned he said that it was about time that NYS came around to make such law, ”It’s about time because many other countries around the world already have such laws.” those countries consist of Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland, and New Zealand, have parental leave in effect already, and their leave can last from six-months, up to a year. While Jay is with his baby, the VIIIsJ will be in full swing with none other than Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie who has come back to City and Country after a five-year break, to teach the VIIIsJ class while Jay is absent. Jackie will come in and will be the acting teacher until Jay’s return. Jackie said “I’m happy to be helping out, giving Jay time to spend with his new baby.” when asked for a comment.

Jackie is not at all unfamiliar to the City and Country community, and the community is happy to have her back with us. Jay is very confident that Jackie will take the position with pride and guide his students in the best direction she can. The change will be hard for both the students Jackie and the City and Country Community. For the meantime, Jackie will be the new teacher and lead them while Jay is away.

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