VIs: Special Projects

The VIs have been incorporating their imaginations into the various classes that include creativity; art, shop, and work time. During these periods the VIs work independently or as a group to achieve a piece of art. Whether it be made out of blocks or paper, the VIs have proved that they can integrate their wit into anything.

During shop, some students in the VIsE have been creating items that are used in everyday life. These items include phones, boxes, boats, etc.

One of the VIs, Zenyn (Zen) Gould, who was making a phone, decided to sketch out her idea on a miniature whiteboard before she began. She said this was in order to “see what it looks like before I make it.”

This strategy is used throughout students and many of their

sketches hang on the wall of the Shop. This is meant to inspire students to create objects that provoke their imagination.

While a phone isn’t exactly an object that a VI made up, there was one student, Raymond (Ray) Lieberman who turned an ordinary object into a whimsical one.

At first, when asked, Ray said that he was creating a box. He then lowered his tone to a whisper and said that his box is supposed to be a secret box with confidential trinkets inside. He explained that the box would appear ordinary on the outside, but in the inside there would be secret compartments where mysterious items could be put, saying “It’s going to be a secretive box that nobody knows about.” Although Ray expressed that this box was extremely secret, he gave approval to “tell the newspaper.”

Along with Zenyn, Ray also sketched his blueprint onto a piece of paper. He explained that the piece of paper was more efficient to use because it is permanent, unlike a whiteboard that is easier to erase. Zenyn argued that while using a whiteboard, it was easier to erase any mistakes that were made, or if you wanted to make an adjustment to the original plan, it was a lot easier to do so.

Especially for Zenyn making changes was crucial to her project as she changed her idea from a phone to a mandala. She drew a very intricate design on her white board, then discussed with Maggie the materials that needed to be used.

Meanwhile, in the VIsT classroom, the VIs worked together to make structures using both blocks and art supplies during work time. All of the VIs were spread out across the room, in small groups, concentrated on their work. Like the VIsE, the VIsT was also implementing their strong artistic ideas into their work. Maya Sharma, Dandelion Cohen and Willa Sandman, all VIsT, constructed a hospital.

“It is a doctor’s office. It’s basically two offices and a waiting room,” explained Maya.

Within their special project, they made decisions based on design and structure. They were immensely proud of their work, but that did not stop them from trying to improve upon it. After a while of careful thinking, Maya, Willa and Dandelion chose not to make a staircase in their hospital due to lack of space and organization purposes.

“There’s not going to be a staircase to get up anymore,” said Dandelion.

Next to the hospital, West Wald and Katya Valazzi, VIsT, were building a movie theater.

“We’re building a theater. We started making a food stand and candy,” said Katya.

They used roundies for the base of the theater and a variety of rectangular blocks for the top.

Alongside the theater, Alec Cormier, Sam Schwider and Max Berger had made a football stadium. It was complete with sidelines and tall field goals. Many football fans were seated on the bleachers, silently cheering for the home team. Alec, Sam and Max wanted to add more detail to their structure, therefore they drew out the field on green paper, using white colored pencils. They made sure to be precise and exact, when making their measurements.

“It’s circular. We made a bunch of seats and goal posts. Now we’re making the field,” said Alec.

Overall, both VIs classes are continuing to use their creativity and expand their artistic mindsets, both in shop and during work time. Both class periods give the VIs an opportunity to work diligently with each other or independently to reach their goals and produce magnificent artwork. By doing such projects, the VIs learn about teamwork, are inspired by their peers, and apply their learnings into their daily lives. The XIIIs cannot wait to see what the VIs will do next.

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