VIIIs Direct Their Attention to New Units

After the new year, the VIIIs are ready for a fresh start. In Social Studies, Math, Science, and Book Group, they have moved on to a more challenging curriculum.

In Social Studies, the VIIIsN have started to learn about the Lenape children. “We’re learning about the Lenape children and how they were treated,” says Trishna Gupta. However, one of the main things that the VIIIsN have to look forward to in Social Studies is coming up with their Native American nicknames. Usually, the nicknames are similar to what Native American names used to be. An example of a nickname used in the past is “The Fast Cheetah.”

Moving onto Math, the VIIIsn are excited and enjoy their new unit on geometry. They have recently started experimenting with putting together two shapes to create a new one. “We are learning about shapes, and how many shapes you can make with four triangles,” said Owen Healdbaum, VIIIsN.

One of the most exciting parts about the VIIIs is their What’s Up books. A What’s Up is a book where the VIIIs get to write anything. However, since they are on their December What’s Ups, most people are writing about Christmas.

The VIIIs favorite subject at the moment is Science. “We’re making dioramas in science by showing the different layers of the rainforest,” said Trishna again. “It is made from half a box but is really thin. We’re making it in shop.”

The VIIIsj have been working in their cursive books, reading about the Lenape tribe, and building dioramas in Science. The VIIIs are very excited to get their Lenape names. Aiden and Theo said that adjusting to homework is not very difficult. Aiden says “Some of it’s fun. Some things are really confusing.”

Every month the VIIIsJ also do a What’s Up, or write about an event that happened to them over the course of the month and share with the group. They were working on their What’s Up. In Computer class, they are working on their finger placement and typing on computers. In Math, they are adding three digit and two digit numbers. The hardest thing Aiden says is cursive, but he has a lot of fun learning it.

The Post Office is doing well, Aiden and Theo said it is mostly stamps that are being sold. Because of the VIIIs hard efforts hand making each postcard, postcards are also selling really well. They both really like their post office name, Postagram, and are having a great time learning math and problem solving in a real time scenario as well as learning to navigate the school without a teacher. Even though the VIIIs have just started, Aiden and Theo are really excited for their next science class to work on their models.

So far, it seems that the VIIIs are getting back into the groove of school. Not only are they studying fun new units in most subjects, but they also have much more to look forward to.

The VIIIs is the first group that branchs off from the regular Social Studies curriculum, and adds in Math, Science, and Book Groups. “We don’t have one main thing that we’re studying, but it’s all fun.”

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