The Xs Return From Break in a Flurry of Activities

As the Xs return to their regular school routine they are getting right back into their work. The Xs have some intriguing projects coming up, one being the XsMe play. This specific play is going to be different than all of the past City and Country plays because this play will be a “Traveling Play.” Instead of the typical play where it is performed in the Rhythms Room, the XsMe will perform their play by going into a different rooms to perform different scenes. Edie Liberman, XsMe says, “Our parents will follow us around the school.”

“We do one scene in each room.” The Xs have taken pride in the plot of their Ancient Egyptian themed play.

“It’s very dark, somebody gets murdered and then someone

is falsely accused,” said Ahilya Ellis.

This new play will revolutionize the C&C play process and change the idea of a play in C&C. In contrast, the XsMo are doing a traditional play towards the end of the year. This play will be based in Mesopotamia and touch on the X’s research topics, some of which include architecture and cooking The XsMe, have also been doing rousing work in Social Studies. They have been studying the stories of Gilgamesh, specifically reading the stories in the trilogy Gilgamesh The King by Ludmila Zeman. After reading these stories, the Xs went on to paint three murals about the three different books in the trilogy.

In addition to their play, the XsMe are experimenting in Science with the mummification process, which is being done by mummifying a chicken. This is something that Xs have been doing for many years now, and a highlight of the Xs curriculum. This is done by sterilizing the chicken, drying the chicken out, then wrapping it in a few layers of newspaper until it is fully covered. It is then placed in a small tomb made by the Xs class, and kept until the end of the year.

“We are on the third round of salting which should be the last before we wrap the chicken,” said Edie Lieberman when describing the XsMe’s progress in mummifying their chicken thus far. In addition to the mummifying, both classes are finishing up their presentations about various minerals. The presentation process consists of choosing a mineral or two, and going through a long studying process until, at the end of the study, they have a large Google Slide presentation about everything that is known about the mineral. Some things the Xs presentations will include are the region in which their mineral is found, the use of their mineral, the chemical composition, and density.

In Spanish, the Xs are taking part in a very impressive project with their Vs buddies. Since the Xs are learning about farm animals in Spanish they are each making puppets to give to their Vs buddies resembling one of these animals. The Xs are then going to go to the Vs classroom and present these puppets to them while teaching them the different names of the animals, and singing songs to the Vs. This is something that is extremely exciting and somethin that will make the Xs stronger when working with younger children, which is key to working with the IVs when they are in the XIIs.

Overall, the Xs have been busy at work ever since they returned from break and they are eager to great whatever challenges 2019 may bring.

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