The XIIs Dive Into School After The Break

Since the break has ended and the XIIs are getting back from their extensive travels and are settling into the new curriculum. When the XIIs were interviewed about their travels, a group of them said that they traveled to Jamaica with some 2018 graduates. Those graduates were Edie Clark and Toby Salmon.

In Spanish, the XIIs are translating the story of the Minotaur from Spanish to English. Jack Kolz from the XIIs S said, “Even though the translating is hard, it is cool to have learned the story of the Minotaur in both English and Spanish.” They have also been making songbooks for their IVs. This is a tradition the XIIs do every year for their IVs. When they finish they will sing with the IVs from the books they made. Those songbooks will be carried through the IVs and into the Vs, where the Xs next year will add more songs.

In Math class, the XIIs are beginning their unit on algebraic equations. The way Lisa Ochs, Middle School Math Teacher, introduced their new unit is by gathering the iPads and letting each student play Dragon Box. It is a game that introduces algebra in a visual way so it makes the concepts easier to understand. As the user gets to harder levels, the creature and dragon animations are replaced by algebraic expressions. As many XIIs have said, they have enjoyed playing on the iPad since they still get to learn while having fun. Also, they all love the “little creatures!”

In Science, the XIIs have shifted their focus from geology to oceanography. Ava Stiner in the XIIs S said “In Science, we are studying oceanography and it is really fun. Before we were learning about rocks, but oceanography is way more fun!” Before they fully shift their focus to oceanography, they had to finish presenting their types of minerals, like Metamorphic, Sedimentary, and Igneous.

In Social Studies, XIIsS finished reading the Iliad and are now starting their Greek plays unit. Currently, they are beginning to read Trojan Women. Sarah Whittier, XIIsS teacher, has planned for the XIIs to read more plays and also complete their vase drawings. As many of the XIIs have finished their Amphoras, Lekythos, and Kylix vases and many more, they are planning on investing more time into greek plays. After they finish Trojan Women, they are going to read the plays Iphigenia at Aulis and The Oresteia. As busy as the XIIsS are, they are also getting ready to choose topics for their winter research essays.

The XIIsP have dived back into mythology after the break. They are looking at images and visualizing the key details portrayed in the images. Both XIIs groups are working on preparing for their ISEE essays. They are learning how to structure an essay so that their writing can be clear.

Every Friday, the XIIsS and XIIsP are given a new prompt to write about and they will all try to complete the essay within 30 minutes as it will be given on the test. The practice will prepare them for applying to high school when they have to write essays.

With the IVs, the XIIs are more than happy as they visit them. As Winter Break has ended, the XIIs have said that the IVs are crazier than usual. Devin Grabel, XIIsP said, “I really enjoy visiting the IVs and helping out their classroom. It’s very fun to see them. Also, when I'm there, I feel like I’m learning how to be more responsible.” The XIIs just switched IVs. Some people are feeling sad about losing the IV they had but they are all looking forward to getting to know more kids in the classroom.

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