The Vs Explore New Crafts

After coming back from Winter Break, the Vs have gotten right back to work. They have been working especially hard on different craft projects and block buildings, practicing with more advanced things like constructing buildings they see in the city, weaving, and making books.

Ian Adler from the VsM said, “My favorite thing to do is weaving and sewing,” and it seems to be a favorite of many Vs.

“I’m working on sewing,” said Ayden McLaughlin from the VsM. “First we draw out patterns and then we sew them. We can do whatever we want!”

The VsM has also been working on building more advanced and realistic buildings. They are also starting to leave buildings up for longer, something all the Vs are excited about. “I’m working on boat parking,” said Ian.

Another special activity that the VsM have been working on is cooking. They have been cooking different kinds of soups, and the Vs themselves get to contribute a lot to the process. They are currently working on chicken soup, which Ian says is “not that hard, but still fun!”

Though the VsM has been hard at work on crafts and building, they are also working on more academic subjects. Their main focus has been on handwriting and learning the different letters. The Vs work on two letters at a time and are getting close to finishing the entire alphabet. When the VsM are working on writing letters, they get together in a small circle and start by having a teacher demonstrate writing it, and then the Vs work on it themselves.

The VsW have been spending time in their classroom and the Block Yard to test the limits of their creativity. Inspired by the buildings like the Empire State Building, they have been constructing projects that resemble buildings they see around the city. To re-create the Empire State Building in the Block Yard, the Vs put a “big box on top of another big box.”

The Vs are excited to start working on these new projects and are ready to get back to work.

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