The VIIs Start the Busy New Year

The VIIs started the new year by taking down their prized model of the Brooklyn Bridge, which they spent a tremendous time building and presenting. They seemed sad about having to take down the Bridge, but are excited to jump into their next project.

For the VIIsR’s next project, they will build a model of Chinatown, while the VIIsC will build a model of the Lower East Side. The VIIs have already started building these models and it seems that they are quite far along. So far they have a few houses in each model that look very impressive.

When asked what they knew about Chinatown, Harry de Mendonca, VIIsR, said, “They have some red and Gold lanterns, and those are the main colors for the Chinese.”

Neither group knows much about their neighborhoods, but they are very excited to learn. In Science, which they are enjoying immensely, the VIIs are learning about the Sonoran Desert, and the VIIsC made a bookcase. When asked why they liked Science, Eva Goldberg, VIIsR, said, “I like it because we get to learn about things we wouldn’t get to learn about otherwise.”

In Math, the VIIs and learning to add two-digit numbers together and how to count money, a skill that will be important for next year when they run the post office. The VIIs like learning math and are excited to do more things with their knowledge.

In previous years, these VIIs have not read as much as they wanted, but now in the VIIs they are reading a lot. “I love it a lot,” said Violet Goncalves, VIIsR, who is reading a book about “these two kids who find a dragon egg, and they’re on a time-traveling boat that takes them to different dimensions and the dragon, which is really small, just saved them.” The VIIs are excited to be reading and cannot wait to read more in the future. It seems as though the VIIs have begun the new year with excitement for upcoming events and topics they will work on.

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