The IVs Begin 2019 With Energy

As the new year begins, the IVs have been approaching new activities with curiosity and enthusiasm. The IVsL have been thinking about winter and what happens during the season. They have also been examining how fall and other seasons transition into winter. George Bruder, IVsL, said, “I like when the leaves fall and when the snow comes because then I can make snow castles.”

When the IVsL were asked about the XIIs and the special Spanish books the older students made for them, the IVs seemed excited and intrigued about them. Sparking the same curiosity about nature, in some of the IVs’ Spanish books there are suns, flowers, forests, grass, and other hand-drawn pictures made by the XIIs.

The IVsN have also gotten off to a good start with the XIIs. The IVs like to play blocks with them, read with them, and most of all, the IVs love dismissal with the XIIs. It seems to persistently be their favorite time with the XIIs, as it is when they get to hang out with them the most. Even the teachers like the XIIs, as Naomi said, “They are just so helpful around the classroom.”

Some of the daily activities that the IVs love are building with blocks both indoors and outdoors, playing with clay, and drawing. Lucy Ireland, IVsL, said “I like to draw what I see around me. I like to draw different blocks and shapes. The Block Yard is always one of the IVs’ favorites, and some of the IVs said that they like building things like castles, factories, and houses. “I like to build shelters to hide from the wind” said Peirce Shea. Indoors, the IVs make train stations, boats, castles, and even some functional bowling alleys, which they used by rolling roundies into butteries.

The IVsN have started to reuse their applesauce cups. They made them into maracas by filling them with beads and sealing the cups with tape. After they made the maracas, they got to bring them home to show them to their families.

Looking ahead, the IVs are going to make banana muffins next week, and are already starting to share family stories. Overall, the IVs are transitioning into 2019 with exuberance and are eager to start and continue their new activities.

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