The IIs Begin to Blossom

The IIs have blossomed since coming back from winter break and have started to take advantage of the space in their room. Eden Gatullo, IIs assistant teacher, said the IIs who did not paint as much last year have taken a liking to paint while IIs who do not always use blocks have been spending their time designing buildings.

“Since we’ve come back their buildings have boomed and friendships have formed,” said Eden.

“Look at all the colors,” said Libby Werner as she painted strokes of orange and a yellow circle on her paper, which she soon filled in with blue.

“Isn’t it interesting how early the composition starts?” said Sara Hance, IIs teacher, about Libby filling in her painting of a circle.

During work time at the clay station, Ada Haley molded donuts and passed them around for others to try.

“Here’s a donut,” said Indi Falkenstein and Ada as they passed around their “food.” They then switched to hamburgers and pizza. All that food is bound to create dirty dishes, so over at the water table, IIs were pretending to wash dishes. “I don’t know why I can’t get this through here,” said Indi as she washed a whisk and attempted to put a sponge through it.

“I’m a bird,” said Ada.

Sage responded“I’m a bird too.” The IIs love to use their imagination. Ada and Sage continued to mimic and explore the movements of different animals. Sage then became a frog which led to Ada saying, “I’m a frog-bird.” They both then moved to the building blocks and started to work on making a bird’s nest.

At the beginning of the year, the IIs were not as used to the idea of school as they are now. While they have definitely come a long way, some IIs like to have something with them from home. This helps them to take a little piece of home with them on their journey to school. Some have a favorite toy or a necklace that they feel a connection to.

Sara said that the IIs are starting to understand how to interact with others and their classmates. The IIs are still learning, but have come a long way since the beginning of the school year. They continue to build, paint, and are learning how to become good students, and inquisitive thinkers.

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