The IIIs Get Their Groove Back

The IIIs have come back from their break and have settled back into the swing of things. They have discovered some new things happening around the school and are experimenting on the Roof Yard.

The IIIsR are broadening their horizons with more activities.

“This part of the year is very exciting,” Robin explained, “because we do more engaging things with the IIIs.” The IIIs are taking trips around the school, getting acquainted with activities like cooking and using more materials like blocks.

Recently, the IIIs went to see the VIIs Brooklyn Bridge project and were quite inspired by it. Robin explained that a big part of the life of a III is mimicking what they see. That is how young children learn after all, and having something like the Brooklyn Bridge to look forward to is great.

While the IIIsA were on the Roof Yard one day, they noticed a group of construction workers working on a nearby building. They tried waving, and saying ‘hi’ to the workers but they were too far away. The IIIs saw that the construction workers were using Jackhammers and hammers, so the IIIs have been “using” these same tools while building on the Roof Yard.

“I like jackhammers, we have a lot of tools to make,” said Kai McLaughlin. When asked about classroom activities, group teacher Anisa Moonsammy said, “We have been keeping it the same but soon we will be doing lots of different things.”

IIIsC have been keeping up with their weekly routine. In block building, the IIIs have been making lots of trains and “washing babies,” as Rose Chao said. Reading many of the books on the wall also seems to be an interest for the IIIs. Elias Solebo, Marlowe Sage, and Luka Weiss were all gathered looking at some of the books on the bookshelf.

“I am reading ‘Jump Frog Jump!’ it is my favorite book,” said Luka Weiss.

Elias Solebo was reading a book with all the IIIsA students’ faces and names. “My picture has me, a ladder and some books,” said Elias.

The IIIs are getting settled in to their routines quite nicely, and are more than ready for the new responsibilities, materials, and activities that come with the new semester.

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