M/U Division Director Split in Two

Next year C&C will introduce some exciting changes. Michele Bloom, current C&C Middle and Upper School Division Director, will step down and transition to a newly created learning specialist role, made just for her. She will be working alongside C&C’s other learning specialists including Jaye Liset-Lynch, Colette Corey, Nancy Vascellaro, and Jen En. Gee Roldan, current Director for Specials Programs and Integration, will return to her past job as a group teacher. The group that she will be taking over has not been announced yet. Gee said she “misses being a teacher” and although her administrative job has taught her many things, she admitted that her current role does not “fill her cup” the same way that teaching did.

C&C Principal Scott Moran had a lot to talk about regarding the split, as he is leading the search for the two new division directors. He says the idea of having two division directors has been around for a while, but now is the right time to make the change. In the past 13 years, C&C has doubled in size, expanded the facility by adding another townhouse, and hired more staff. The next step is to split the role of division into a Middle School and an Upper School.

Scott adds that when he was the Middle and Upper School Division Director, “the role was very difficult and that was before the groups doubled.”

Having a Middle School Division Director and an Upper School Division Director will mean that those administrators will get to truly know the 90 or so kids in their respective divisions, instead of 180.

Gee’s current responsibilities will be absorbed by the division directors as they will have more time to manage.

Before Michele and Gee became the co-division directors of the Middle and Upper School Alex Ragone was the division director. Alex announced his departure from the school in 2016 to become the head of The Altschool in Manhattan, there was a scramble to decide what would happen to his role. C&C did not feel that a search team could safely recruit the perfect replacement in time. So, the School decided that instead, they would internally choose two teachers to temporarily fill the position.

But, when Kate Turley, the former Principal, announced her retirement the following year, the search for two new division directors was postponed. Gee said, “We were hopeful that in Scott’s first year we could continue the search,” but Scott decided that he wanted a year to get the feel of the school before he led the search. Due to these factors, the search was postponed until this year.

To ensure that C&C will have the two best people to be division directors for 2019-2020, extensive measures are taking place.

12 people are on the search committee. Half of them are group teachers and the other half are special teachers. Some of these teachers and administrators include Todd Rosenthal, Sarah Whittier, Daniela Gabb, Katrina Raben, Maja Goceva, Nancy Segal, and Katie Mastriano. Katrina, Science teacher, said she is looking for someone that can “wear many different hats,” which means being able to “deal in a crisis” and help parents, students, and staff members.

Katrina says, “the most important thing is that the people picked to match the vision of the school.” In terms of experience, Katrina her team and I are looking for someone who has had experience in the age group they are applying for and that it would be great if they had experience as a school”, director.

Although C&C would like applicants to have experience in progressive education, the search committee understands that our school is different from many other schools and so whoever is picked will have to learn and adapt to our school’s unique environment.

The choice to have two middle and upper school division directors has been hotly contested and many are excited that this year the change will happen. C&C should anticipate two new leaders that will be able to join us on more field trips and lessons. They will embody our school’s mission and also bring their own personalities and ideas.

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