2019 Clothing Drive

As the weather gets colder and the temperature drops, many people are in need of a warm coat. With this in mind, XsMo and XsMe, along with their teachers and Millie Cartagena, have been working diligently to organize C&C’s 2018- 2019 coat drive. For about four years, the Xs have been involved in a clothes drive service project, helping out Daisy’s Food Pantry.

One week before winter break, the Xs used paper, markers and tape to create colorful signs that would help categorize piles of clothing. After winter break, the Xs were elated to receive several coat donations from our City and Country community.

“The two sheds were overflowing and surrounded by bags. There was a mountain of clothes,” said Molly Lippman, XsMo teacher.

With their charitable coat donations, the Xs worked together to fold and organize the clothing into distinct piles. They worked for two hours straight, getting coats into bags and sorting through everything. They received help from Jaye Liset-Lynch and Marianela Fernandez. The Xs were also given the opportunity to help out in the pantry, where they sorted boxes of food and helped put food on shelves. In the end, the Xs were glad that they dedicated their day to service.

“It was a lot of fun, and it felt good to do,” said Luke Jackson, XsMo.

“If you ever got tired, you just tell yourself that this is something good for other people,” added Ian Allard-Neptune, XsMo.

Every year, the patrons of Daisy’s Food Pantry look forward to City and Country School’s annual coat drive, and this year’s was great. The Xs did a wonderful job keeping everything organized and contributing to their community.

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