Germany is the First Country in Europe to Legally Recognize A Third Gender.

Germany made huge news for the intersex community on January first when the German government announced that it will legalize a third gender option for legal papers. Normally, there are only two genders on forms, such as a birth certificate: male or female. But some people are born with both female and male sexual organs so they are called intersex, a mix of both genders. These intersex people do not feel comfortable choosing male or female. Lynn D, a member of the intersex community in Germany, said that picking one gender or the other boxes them in and makes them feel left out. This decision was made to legalize a third gender officially identified as Intersex or “X” on a form while males are “M” and females are “F”. This new law passed makes Lynn D. feel included, but Lynn D. said that this change is just a stepping stone for the future. Intersex community members want more recognition, they have to change who they are to sign up for things that require gender. Without recognition they can not fully express themselves. Earlier in the year there was a court case for an intersex person who goes by the name Vanja. Vanja said that because th

eir birth certificate labeled them “female” but in society people view him as “male” his right to positive gender recognition had been stripped away. Because Vanja won the case, they could label themselves as a “diver” which means intersex or miscellaneous. The intersex community as a whole thinks that this is a strong positive step for the future of gender identification, but just a start. As a society there has been so much change in these last 20 years then almost all of human history. Almost every state in the united states has legalized same sex marriage, that was not the case more than 10 years ago. So where are we going with this gender identification, will it take us into a genderless world or will it take us backwards. Ultimately, this new law could lead to a genderless world, where there are no genders, no associating stereotypes and no gender roles. Maybe instead of creating new laws of identification we get rid of our old laws, just stop using gender on forms. Instead of asking for your gender, maybe official forms ask for your characteristics and body type. This would also work for athletics as well, which is a common fear for transgender people and people of the same gender. The biggest fear for transgender people and other people is more violent sports like boxing, wrestling and lacrosse these sports could be organized by weight and height instead of gender. Maybe instead of going forward making new laws and rules for transgender and intersex community members, we need to go backward and completely wipe out gender.

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