Should You Play Undertale or Deltarune?

On September 15, 2015, Toby Fox released his first-ever video game on Steam, a “digital distribution platform” used for downloading and playing games. He had been working on the game for more than two and a half years. With the help of artist Temmie Chang, he had created an entire game that the internet would love. This game is Undertale, a heartwarming role-playing game with retro graphics and quirky characters, inspired by EarthBound.

If you’re interested in multiplayer video games with constant action, modern graphics, and character customization, Undertale is not the game for you. It is not like most modern games, and if a game like Undertale is not appealing to you, it is not recommended that you spend time playing it. But if you enjoy video games for story and humor instead of graphics and action, you might enjoy the game’s content.

Undertale has around six to eight hours of content and has multiple endings, a great soundtrack, and unique humor. This led to many very positive reviews, with Metacritic giving it a 93% and IGN giving it a 10/10. This isn’t to say that Undertale was well-received by the everyone- many people have complained that its pixelated art style can be distracting and sometimes even ugly. Toby Fox himself admits that the game’s graphics aren’t the best. Younger players who are more accustomed to 3-dimensional and high-quality graphics might find Undertale’s to be strange.

One of the main things Undertale is known for its way of differing, and sometimes even mocking, common RPG tropes. In most role-playing games, killing enemies is a way of gaining experience and victory. But in Undertale, if you kill a single enemy, you will be reminded of it often. Killing enemies is murder, and the game punishes you for murdering innocent creatures for your own enjoyment. There are changes in dialogue, story, and the ending depending on how many and which monsters you kill.

Recently, Toby Fox released Chapter 1 of his new game, Deltarune. While still in development, this small sample of more Undertale-like content has even more effort put into than Undertale did. While still pixelated, the graphics are a lot better, with smoother animations. The music is just as good and maybe even better, and the characters and humor are as unique and amusing as the first game’s. Playing Deltarune is a completely different experience, yet it still seems familiar. If you played and enjoyed Undertale, you should at least consider playing Deltarune.

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