Second Hand Smoking in NYC

Smoking is a big problem for 38 million americans. Although people have realized that smoking can cause severe damage to health, smokers are still majorly addicted to this drug. Living in New York City, a lot of adults on the streets are smoking. Even small children and infants have to deal with this problem. Living on a daily basis surrounded by adults smoking, non-smokers experience second-hand smoking. For example, one walking down the street may be positioned directly behind a smoker. Whatever they breathe out the person behind will inhale, which is harmful to the health of others.

New York City is crowded on the streets, people are sometimes forced to be exposed to second-hand smoking. “As a young person I don’t want lung cancer,” said Gitana Savage of the XIIIs. Even young children are being affected by this. SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, can be brought on when an infant is exposed to secondhand smoke. Because many of the children living in New York City know about this, they know from a young age that smoking is a bad thing to do. This has pros and cons. Pros being that they learn never to do it. Cons being they are learning from having to deal with it every day. ‘I think smoking is horrible for your body,” Gitana added.

When interviewed, some XIIIs expressed very strong opinions about second-hand smoke. “I do not want other people chemicals inside my body,” said Felix Gaddie. “They want to smoke but I don’t,” he added. Secondhand smoke causes approximately 7,330 deaths from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths from heart disease each year. Smokers do not realize the effect they are having on the children and adults around them. Every time a smoker exhales smoke they endanger the health of innocent bystanders.

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