The Xs Dive into Research

The Xs have been busy these past weeks. Their main focus has been their new research topics about ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, which they are studying in Social Studies. Luke Jackson from the XsMo said, “My topic is entertainment, which was my first choice.” Maddie Braun, another student in the XsMo, said that her topic was transportation. Jasper Jackson from the XsMe said that he was very excited to get to work on his research project. Jasper Jackson and Zoe Manges, two of the Xs are researching boats and trade, and astronomy and math.

Aside from Social Studies, they are also busy in their specials classes. In Math, the XsMo are learning about the binary system and in Spanish, they are making books for their Vs. Book Group is especially interesting because the Xs are working on murals about the Epic of Gilgamesh. Each table has a different book in the trilogy and they are painting murals to represent the theme and message in each book. During Writing, the XsMo are focusing on fictional stories and “we are all really enjoying it,” said Maddie. “I’m writing about a zombie apocalypse,” said Luke.

In Community Meeting, the XsMo are having important discussions about bias and injustice.

Yard also seems to have improved and Maddie said, “Yard is great. there are no problems!”

Though the XsMo is busy they clearly enjoy their Social Studies research and their new creative writing.

In Math, the XsMe split up into groups and learned about other number systems throughout time, from civilizations such as Egypt, Babylon, and Maya. Now in Math, they have come together to learn about binary.

In Science, they have finished learning about rocks and are watching a documentary on minerals.

The XsMe are as well, busy. They are working on things in Spanish to help them in their new sign business. They have also sung Spanish songs with their Vs and made Spanish songbooks for them, which they enjoyed a lot. In Community Meeting they are discussing subjects like school shootings and the history of Thanksgiving.

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