The XIs Delve Into Their Studies

The XIs are moving more deeply into their study of the ancient world and have been working hard on their upcoming pop-up sale. Sian and Maya, of the XIs J, said that their class is still carving their linoleum designs. They have also been printing attendance cards, trip slips, and late slips. In their Art class, the XIs J are also making stamps out of erasers, which they will use to mark their scrolls. “And then, we’re making Chinese pottery,” said Sian. The XIs D are moving more deeply into their study of the ancient world. Building on their recent research on the founder of Islam, Muhammad, students are now applying that history to the present. “Next week we’re visiting a mosque,” said Armaan Afridi, in XIs D. In the mosque, the students observed the afternoon prayer and learned a bit about the history of the mosque from the imam, which is similar to a priest.

Each student, in the XIs D, is also working on a research project, lifting up an element of the Islamic “Golden Age,” which is considered to be the 8th century CE until the 15th century CE. This era is was characterized by an incredibly rapid development of the sciences and medicine in the Middle East, similar to what occurred in Western Europe later, during the Renaissance.

Zachary Blackston, who is researching ancient Mathematics, describes the process as fun and different from projects of previous years. “We get to choose how we convey our topics and research,” reported Zachary. One thing Zachary noted is how odd it is that while the Islamic world was prospering so much, the Christian world was in their Dark Age. The Islamic world was also, apparently, more accepting of medicine and the sciences while the Christian world became more extreme and societal advancements were few and far between.

One of these societal advancements, one that is very important to C&C, was the printing press. The XIs have one of the most unique jobs in City and Country, and it takes a lot of skill and attention to operate the press properly. The XIs D have made major progress and are now able to print single-handedly.

One of the big stories you could end up reading in the XIs is The Seven Voyages of Sinbad, a story famous for having a repeating cycle and formula. Using this formula, the XIs D have begun to write their own stories in the style of Sinbad.

In Math, the XIs are learning area and symmetry, as well as the area of different shapes. Meanwhile, in Science, they are learning about food security, which deals with the availability of food for other people and the accessibility and affordability of it for them. The XIs watched a documentary on the matter and learned more about nutrition and its importance.

In Spanish, the XIs have been learning pronouns and recently watched a movie and took a trip to learn about the day of the dead. “We watched the movie, Coco,” said Maya. Coco is a Pixar movie, which centralizes around the meaning of Day of the Dead, or “El Dia de Los Muertos.”

On November 16, the XIs J took a trip to visit a scholar garden in Staten Island. This isn’t one of their first trips, in fact, they frequently take trips to the Met to see ancient Chinese art, “Every week we’ve either had a day off or a trip” said Maya. Their trip to the scholar garden teaches the XIs about the idea of Chi, which Maya described as separated into two parts and each have contradicting properties. “Chi is split into two things, which is yin and yang,” said Sian. When describing her experience at the scholar garden, Maya said: “It was really cool.” “It was so cold. We did like paintings of landscapes,” said Sian.

The year is no longer new, and all City and Country goers have settled into their routines. With that comes a new stage of school life and the XIs are ready to continue on to their new stages of printing, painting, and playwriting.

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