The Winter Assembly

Every year the XIIs put on a play for the whole school the day before Winter Break, and it is dedicated to the IVs. For the IVs, the XIIs play is one of the most exciting times of the year, and IVs love seeing their XIIs on stage. The XIIs’s process for choosing what their play would be on, “We brainstormed our ideas and found one we really liked in the XIIsS and then we presented it to the other group,” said Jack Kolz, XIIsS. “After that, we came to a final decision to what the main storyline of our play is going to be,” Jack said. “I’m excited to put on a play for the IVs, I think it will be a fun experience,” Jack said. The XIIs are clearly to enthusiastic about putting on the play. In terms of props and costumes, “We are thinking about costumes that will fit in our play and we will work on the next week,” said Greta Irico, XIIsS. In addition to the play the XIIs put on, there will be singing of various songs that have been sung at C&C for years. “I like Drill Ye Tarriers Drill,” said Seamus O'Reilly XIIIs. After the assembly has ended, classes will go back to their classrooms and when they leave, as part of City and Country tradition, we will be handed a tangerine by Scott.

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