The Vs Face Winter With a Warm Attitude

As the weather gets colder and the seasons change, we all are learning to adapt, along with this comes new experiences, many of which are happening in the Vs classroom.

One of the most unique things about City and Country is our plentiful amount of field trips. Recently, the VsW embarked on their very first field trip around the block. “We saw a doctor’s office and then we decided to build it!” said Nathaniel Harris.

“I think we got inspired by the buildings we saw and we just wanted to build them.” said Coulton Barnett.

After their trip, the Vs were eager to recreate the buildings

and structures they had just seen with the blocks provided.

Aside from the introduction of trips, the VsM have been diving even more in depth with their cooking. “We’ve been making butter and tomorrow we’re making hot chocolate! Now I know how to crack eggs,” said Gray Phillips. On top of the Vs exploration in the culinary arts, they are also making pillows in their attempts to learn how to sew.

“We’re doing sewing, I’m already stuffing my pillow even though this is my first time sewing.” Julian Camacho eagerly said.

The Vs are also still observing their worms in their efforts to learn more about composting. The Vs are overjoyed to have live creatures in the classroom. “Elana found a newborn worm!” exclaimed Gray Phillips.

The Vs are continuing work that they have been doing while weaving in new concepts and ideas. They are excited for the field trips to come and other projects in the classroom.

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