The VIIs: Research Ready

As Thanksgiving approached, the VIIs prepared. They created model magic turkeys and other delicious Thanksgiving foods. Conor Keane, VIIsC, said, “We visited our friends’ blockhouses to celebrate Thanksgiving.” Conor built a mansion out of blocks and invited other VIIs to visit him. The VIIs were all excited that they would be enjoying five days off school. When asked what the planning to do, Hugo Wasserstrum said that he was “going to relax and watch some TV.” The VIIs also attended the Harvest Assembly, where they sang songs and watched the XIIIs play. Connor said that his favorite song was “Los Pollitos” because he got to “sing in another language.” Hugo said that he enjoyed the XIIIs play and found it funny.

After gathering the information needed, the VIIsR have started to build the Brooklyn Bridge out of blocks. Of course, they already have the skill of building large things from their previous years at City and Country, and this year the VIIsR already have the accomplishment of building a model of the entire southern tip of Manhattan. This, Governors Island, ferries, and Battery Park. They cannot contain their excitement for this year's building adventures.

In math the VIIs are working on such as addition and subtraction. The majority of the VIIs so far are thoroughly enjoying school and are jumping right into new experiences in their VIIs classrooms.

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