The VIIIs Learn About the Lenape

Winter Break is approaching, and the VIIIs are working hard on the Post Office and their study of animals and the Lenape Native Americans. The Post Office, Postagram, has been running smoothly, but the VIIIs have run into some unexpected events. “We got a two dollar bill, and got a dollar coin,” said Ivy Heitzman, VIIIsJ. Some of the VIIIs’ favorite jobs include Storefront, Cashier, and Receipt Writer. The VIIIs have been continuing doing addition and subtraction work to improve their post office skills.

When studying animals in November, the VIIIs each researched their own animal. Ivy Heitzman, Emma Darman, Luca Falkenstein, and Atai Parnes Molcho studied the wolverine, white tailed deer, porcupine, and wolf, respectively. “I liked the sheet of paper with bubbles that had questions,” said Ivy Heitzman, VIIIsJ.

They will complete this study by making dioramas of their assigned animals, along with scenery that corresponds to the animal’s habitat. In late November, the VIIIs took a trip to a Lenape Village in New Jersey. “They told us how to speak Lenape. We made corn powder, we saw how they lived, and how they made food,” said Emma Bautista Luna, VIIIsJ. The VIIIs had enjoyed their trip, and are looking forward to the rest of their Lenape study, including putting on a play, and making a wigwam.

To prepare, the VIIIs also went to Museum of Natural History and have been learning about the differences between Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. The VIIIs have also been communicating with their pen pals, but not very often. A VIII explained that their pen pal lives in Missouri and they only send each other letters about once a month.

As the VIIIs near the end of the semester, they will complete their projects and then say goodbye to their friends for Winter Break.

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