The Jolly VIs Celebrate the Holidays

“The VIs have beat their record!” said Tara, group teacher of the VIsT. “They picked up Block Yard in a record 2 minutes and 43 seconds! They would really love to have that included in the paper!”The IVs are committed to pushing themselves and trying new things. They have conquered and beaten their record for picking up the Block Yard, cleaning up after themselves in just two minutes and forty-three seconds. They surpassed their previous record, which was achieved two to three weeks ago, of three minutes.

The VIs have been studying different birds of prey this year such as eagles, falcons, hawks, and owls. They are going on a trip to central park on Tuesday with bird enthusiest Robert “Birding Bob” DeCandido. Interestingly, two rare owl species have been spotted in the park, and the VIs along with DeCandidio will attempt to find them. Sounds like a exhilirating experience!

With the annual Union Square Holiday Market opening again for the festive season, the VIs had to visit it. In addition to the seasonal event, the VIs also went to the Union Square Greenmarket, a popular place where farmers from around the Tri-State region can sell their fresh produce. “We’re building the Greenmarket right now,” said Maya Finkelstein, VIsT. After visiting the farmers market, the VIs are using their memorization abilities and some picture takens by Tara DiGerlando, VIs teacher, and Tess Cohen, VIsT associate teacher, to rebuild the Greenmarket using blocks and paperwork materials.

Transitioning from the Fall to Winter and November to December, the VIs progressed a lot further, not only in their academics but also in their social lives. Oona Cleary started off as a shy student in the beginning of the school year. However, she has become one of the most vibrant of the interviewed VIs. From shouting updates about the VIsT life to playfully knocking on the door of the Boy’s Bathroom to writing “A’s” on the Early Sign-Out Sheet, Oona progressed further and further, laughing happily with her friends

A Quote from Tara:

“VIs visited the Union Square Greenmarket as they continue to look at the C&C neighborhood. They are now focusing on unique places to the neighborhood. Meaning, they want to see what stands out in this neighborhood compared to others, seeing what is a necessity and what isn’t, but how all places–common or unique–serve a purpose to the community. In addition to this, VIs have continued working on their interviewing skills to deepen their understanding in social studies.”

The VIs have been thriving academically. In Math, they have been learning how to do word problems, greater than, less than, and subtraction. They continue to work on solidifying these skills.In writing, VIs have been working on expanding story ideas by adding enough details. They have also been working on using exciting or ‘juicy’ language in their writing.”

Quotes from Interviewees:

“We’re building the Greenmarket right now”–Maya Finkelstein

“We visited the Union Square Greenmarket, and um…” Dandelion Cohen

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