The IXs Explore Math

The IXs continue their progressive work at the Store by reaserching general stores. The IXs have 4 main subjects that they were given to reaserch, and each subject had it’s own question. The IXs then researched their questions and made posters answering the question given to their group. The four main categories dealt with the topics of origin, items, community, staff. Once the research was finished, it was time for the IXs to make posters. First, they made flash cards. then, they taped them to their posters, finishing their reaserch.

As well as working hard in the Store, Matt Winkler, the Lower School Math consultant, is teaching the IXs how to find factors of big numbers. The IXs have learned the Standard Multiplication Algorithm. Cyrus Taber, IXsK, said; “At first the algorithm was hard, but now I can multiply really big numbers together.” With these new skills, the IXs continue to explore the world of multiplication. “The algorithms are to help us understand the math better. Like, to help us with multiplying one and two digit numbers or higher.” said Nia Fennell in the IXsK. To practice these skills even further, the IXs have been playing math games such as “Salute” and “Multiplication War.” Many IXs enjoy these games, but they can sometimes become competitive. To relieve the IXs of this problem non-competitive versions of both games have been created for IXs who do not enjoy the pressure.

The IXs are also hard at work in social studies. They are in the midst of a landscape study, where they study different types of terrain like mountains, valleys, and islands. They have made their own maps, drawing their own land on paper, while marking cities and land formations. Overall, the IXs are ready to tackle whatever’s ahead of them.

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