Gaming During Class at C&C

As students and teachers might know, gaming during class is a potential problem at the City and Country School. Teachers from the IXs through the Xllls have been complaining about it. Students think that it is okay to play games during class like they would while at home.

Imagine yourself in a classroom where the students are having work time on their computers. A teacher silently walks around the room, searching for gaming on the computers. This should not be happening because teachers should not be worrying about students gaming while in class. It is the teacher’s job to teach and the student’s job to listen. If the teacher has to waste their time making sure everyone is paying attention, that is not fair to them. Gaming while in class is unexceptable and getting in the way of work time in class.

Many teachers agree that being on your computer in class is disruptive if they are working on things not class related. Pete Weiss, the XllsP teacher explained that his classroom is a casual environment. Often, from classes ranging from the lXs through the Xllls, the students are on computers doing classwork. Kids playing on computers or searching unrelated things to class may be distracting and it is also rude to the teachers.“It may affect other people’s ability to get work done,” said Pete.

The XIIIs teacher, Trayshia, believes that her students have far too much work to do so they should not be wasting their time playing games. She explained that it might be acceptable if you play games but also get work done consistently. However, it is clear that playing games is a recipe for disaster. “It’s important that I see what is going on on their screens,” said Trayshia.

Michele Bloom, C&C’s Director of upper and middle school, said, “Our hope is that kids learn to monitor themselves.” Teachers trust students to use computers appropriately and respect the rules made about them. Using computers is a way for kids to discover the ins and outs of independent work. The internet provides a whole host of distractions and school is a great way to learn self-disciplinary habits. Many students play video games outside of school and probably get derailed by them on weeknights. This interrupts them working on their homework, which is more important than gaming. Since they get distracted at home, it is easy for them to lose focus at school. C&C is very progressive and discussion based. If students want a way to take their mind off of work, there are other activities for them to work on.

At the beginning of the school year, students are required to sign the acceptable use policy for technology. This ensures that no one will misuse technology while in school. There will be consequences if students do not follow the rules on this contract such as computers being taken away. School is a space that trusts you and where one gets their work done. No one is allowed to not follow important rules that keep students working.

Overall, gaming while in class seems to be a consistent problem alongside unrelated google searches and not paying attention in class. Although students are still learning and need breaks, one cannot be expected to focus or be on task all the time.

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