Dwight Debate Tournament

This past Saturday the C&C debate team traveled to the Dwight School for a debate tournament. The three competing teams consisted of two teams of Xs and one team of an XI, XII, and XIII. The tournament went from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with five different topics being debated. C&C debates in the Big Apple debate league with many other schools including Dalton, LREI, and NEST+M. The four topics debated were: The United States should retaliate with military force against cyberattacks, Industrially developed countries have a responsibility to accept climate refugees, John Brown was morally justified, and Steroids should be legalized in sports.

Five minutes before each debate all teams transferred their information about the topic they were about to debate onto colored pieces of cardstock. Each debate tournament went for 45 minutes and debaters had to rush around the school to find the room they were debating in. “I had to keep calm so I could debate well”, said Max Beyer, XIIIs. Benjamin Squires, XIs, said “It [Debate Tournament] was stressful, but once I got in the room I felt ready to debate”. At 1:45 pm the debaters all had lunch, some ate the provided pizza and others brought food from home. Debater then competed in two more rounds before sitting down for awards.

Although C&C did not win any major awards, except that one student got placed in the top 30, they hope to keep practising and battle for victory next debate tournament, on January 26! C&C debate is growing in popularity and experience, it won’t be long before there next win.

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