The XIIs Prepare to Perform

As Winter Break approaches, the XIIs are busy at work learning and wrapping up their projects. In Social Studies, the XIIsP are finishing up their myth memoirs and are in the process of peer editing each others work. They are also reading The Wanderings of Odysseus.  Meanwhile, the XIIsS have been are close to the end of the Iliad. The XIIsS recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the “dangerous beauty” exhibition. Maia-Lu Reedy, XIIsS, said, “It was really cool to see the artifacts and learn the stories behind them.” 

Before Thanksgiving, the XIIs, as they always do, helped at Daisy’s Food Pantry Thanksgiving drive. Charlie Shapiro, XIIsS, said, “The crates were very heavy, but it was worth it. It was very interesting and very fun.” 

In Math, the XIIs are working on percentages and probability. They are finding what the percent is of something that could occur. For this, the XIIs made games for the Math carnival that was held in the Rhythms Room. They have split up into groups, each with up to three people and made a game where they demonstrated probability. 

In Science, the XIIs have taken their rock quiz. The types of rocks stud


ied are Metamorphic, Sedimentary, and Igneous. They have also done presentations on these, and are now working on presentations about minerals in groups of two. 

In Spanish, the XIIs recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at artwork by Spanish artists who they made presentations on and are now sharing. 

As always, the XIIs are particularly enthusiastic about their IVs. Each XII goes once a week to the IVs classroom to play with them, and help around the classroom. During their stay, they’ve become closer to their IVs, and are walking them down the stairs for dismissal every day.

 “We’re getting to know them better, we’re actually friends now, not strangers.” Said Maia-Lu Reddy, XIIsS. During his time with the IVs, Bruno Katz has learned that, “when you miss out on being with your IV, it’s not only you missing out, it’s also them missing out on seeing you.” 

In addition to their new responsibilities with the IVs, the Xlls also began planning for the IVs play, which they will perform at the upcoming Winter Assembly.  

As the XIIs wrap up their first semester of the year, they look forward to seeing what the rest of this school year has in store for them.

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