Thank U, Next

On December 3, 2018, Ariana Grande released her music video, “Thank U, Next.” She mentions the names, Big Sean, Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, and Pete Davidson. The first three names listed are all of her previous exes, but the last one, Pete Davidson, had recently broken up with Ariana Grande. The two had gotten engaged after Ariana’s ex Mac Miller died. The song is a tribute to all of Ariana’s exes that she is thankful for. Each failed relationship and the issues they had, shaped her into the woman she is today.

In the music video for “Thank U, Next”, four classic movies are reenacted: Mean Girls, 13 going on 30, Bring It On, and Legally Blonde. The reason why those movies were chosen was that all the movies and “Thank U, Next” have the featured protagonist face relationship issues, each time becoming stronger.

Mia Rutkovsky of the XIIIs said, “I felt like the connection between Legally Blonde and ‘Thank U, Next’ is my favorite because Elle Woods had broken up with her boyfriend and he calls her dumb so she proves to him that she is better than what he thinks of her and graduates from Harvard Law School. Elle and Ariana are both saying that people should not underestimate them, no matter what they look like.”

This theme applies to Legally Blonde, as well as every other movie Ariana Grande chose. A vast majority of the 20 people interviewed said that they enjoyed the music video quite a lot. Lilly Meyer said, “It was really cool to see the movies I had watched before, many times, be put into a popular singer’s music video.”

Not only did Ariana Grande bring back some of the cast from Mean Girls, but she also brought back the cast members from the previous shows she worked on. This must have been because she wanted to show gratitude to her past friends. This specifically relates to the moral of 13 going on 30. 13 going on 30’s moral is about how Jenna Rink, the main character, realizes that she should appreciate and care for her friends that had supported her through rough times, not worry about her exes. Her video not only proved to all of her exes that she has moved on and became a thriving and independent woman, but she also thanks them for making her the better woman she is today.

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