What is fascism you may ask? Fascism: “A form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.” That is word for word the definition of fascism according to Google, so if for some reason we all already starting off with political discourse please take it up with Google, not me. Having both the definition and my small bit of protection out of the way it is now time to get into the facts and opinions.

Last week I walked around City and Country asking older groups if they thought Trump was a fascist. A majority of the interviewees said they did but later when I asked them if they knew what fascism was, not a single one got it right.

Later I told them the exact definition and many changed their minds so this makes me wonder: Do people in our community have ill-informed opinions or did I just get lucky and strike a weak spot?

I have the honor to say, two years ago I attended the New York City’s Women’s March. To my surprise, a large number of people said or held signs that said that Trump is a fascist.

Let’s break up the definition of fascism. Is Trump a dictator who controls with any dictatorial power. Arguably most of Trump’s policies and ideologies are enforced, but that is not because he has absolute power, but because the House and the Senate help him pass them. This seems evident to me, but it might not come as obvious to others.

Trump has as much power as any other president in history. He already used an executive order for immigration but any president has the power do this, so clearly, that was not unfair. So why do people think Trump is a fascist? I have absolutely no clue.

Ever heard of AntiFa, the group against fascism or Anti-Fascism a very creative name by the way. The second section of the definition of fascism is: “forcible suppression of opposition.”

AntiFa is a left-winged group that claims they are against the suppression of opposition. Clearly, after hearing this, you’ll see right through their lies. Many news sources are known for having some political bias but for Fox News AntiFa really gave them a pedestal for love here. Tucker Carlson is an American commentator for Fox New, who got a strange visit from Antifa protesters. Even though he was away his house was surrendered by Antifa protesters that had signs and loudspeakers. His wife and his child were home when the anti-fascist protesters broke down the door and stormed his house.

Sadly for my opposition, it doesn’t stop there. Some Antifa members released the addresses of many other Fox newscasters including Sean Hannity.

Clearly, this is suppression of opposition. AntiFa targeted all Right-winged newscasters while AntiFa is left winged, suppression of opposition.

I leave you with Trump is not a fascist, Antifa are really fascist themselves. Whether you believe me or not I hope you heard my points and have learned just a little bit from this editorial.

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