Give Thanks for the Thanksgiving Drive

As November moves forward, Thanksgiving approaches and with it C&C’s annual Thanksgiving-in-a-bag drive. During which, each classroom will collect a different “easy to make food,” like boxed mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, and chicken stock. Students have been asked to bring their assigned goods to school from November 7th to 16th. The XIIs will then collect, count,and distribute these items to Daisy’s food pantry. ​

Last year the XIIs and Community Outreach were able to collect and distribute close to 300 bags and this year they hope to distribute over 200. In addition, the students in after-school will be able to decorate the bags the the food will be distributed in.

One change this year to the food drive, is that the goods will be collected in milk crates rather than cardboard boxes, making them easier to carry. Another change is that the XIIs will be collecting whatever has been donated each day.

The Thanksgiving drive was created by C&C parents many years ago in order, to help the community outside of C&C. Currently C&C’s involvement with Daisy's Pantry involves sendin

g a few XIIs every week. There they have helped unload food trucks, distribute food, and passback carts. Jack Kolz, XllsS said, “It feels good to help people who aren’t in as good of a place as we are.”

When asked if anything surprised them about the pantry, Rose Harkrider, XIIsS said,“I wasn’t expecting to see people who look like they’re fine.There was a guy who came in who had really nice clothing.” This experience at the pantry as well as the Thanksgiving drive is run by Community Outreach and Millie Cartagena. When asked what she hoped the XIIs would learn from their experiences at the pantry and the food drive, Millie said this, “Service provides an opportunity for students to become active members of the community. The XIIs are not only assisting others - they are also developing a richer perspective of society. Providing service to the community allows for students to see first-hand how much their work can have an impact on the world.”

The holidays are about giving, so the Thanksgiving drive is a great way for C&C to contribute to the community. Seeing those who are less fortunate and helping them reminds us to feel grateful for what we have. So while C&C families sit down for their own Thanksgiving, they can feel good knowing they have helped other families have a similar experience.

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