The Xs Explore Social Studies

As the year goes on, the Xs are jumping into their Social Studies work with earnest. The XsMo are starting work on Mesopotamia, which they are all “very excited” for said Sophia Kometc. On Tuesday, October 23, they took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and visited the Mesopotamian section. They got to visit a palace and saw lots of fascinating artifacts. “It was really interesting,” said Sophia, “I liked how we got to draw.” “It’s much cooler to be able to see artifacts in person instead of a photograph,” added Ian Allard-Neptune. Mesopotamia is one of the big Social Studies units of the year, and the XsMo are clearly looking forward to getting into it.

In the XsMe, they have started their study of Egypt and are painting images of Egypt and things in Egypt. “I made a monkey king. He's the god of fertility,” said Ahilya Ellise from the XsMe. The Xs have also started a new unit in Math, rounding. “It’s pretty interesting, though it is a bit easy,” said Sophia. In Spanish, the Xs are anxious about their first quiz on Friday, October 26. “It’s kind of nerve-racking but still fun,” said Ahilya. The quiz is about numbers and time which is what they have been studying. Many of the Xs are confident that they can do well, though there are a couple that are nervous about the quiz, and need to study more said Sophia. However, the Xs are still excited and interested about this new language, especially as they get more comfortable with it.

The XsMo and the XsMe have been having some issues with their group text chat, something they have been discussing in Community Meeting. “We’ve been talking about what the group chat is used for and how people can have their feelings hurt by it,” said Ian, the creator of the chat. The Xs have been talking about how some people can feel excluded if they aren’t part of it, and how it’s hard to read tones, such as sarcasm, from text messages. “The group chat is a problem. It can make people feel bad,” said Ahilya. They have also been talking about issues like cyberbullying, and other important topics, especially as the Xs start using more and more technology. There have also been some issues when it comes to Yard. Many of the Xs are worried about how they play the same game all the time. “We only play dodgeball,” said Sophia, “it’s so boring now!” Some of them, including Ian, enjoy playing dodgeball and are glad that they are playing it.

The Xs are excited that they are beginning their work on Mesopotamia and Egypt and are looking forward to getting started on their research. They are also having important discussions in Community Meeting about the group chat, cyberbullying, and yard. Overall, the Xs are having a smooth year and are excited to continue their research.

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