The XIs Get Mobile

The XIs have been getting busy with projects, printing, and school trips. They recently took a daylong trip to Freshkills, once the largest landfill in the world, and is now acres of rolling green hills. On the trip, the XIs had a treasure hunt where they looked for specific animals and plants since studying Freshkills is a part of their science curriculum. “I got to see a praying mantis,” said Benjamin Squires in the XIs J.

The XIs D have started to research and write proposals for their projects on Islam. They also watched a documentary on the religion and learned more about the founder, Muhammad. “It’s nice to know what Islam is about and where it started,” said Jane Darman in the XIs D. They have has also gone to the Met a few times to learn about the golden age of Islam, the main topic of their year.

As far as the printing press goes, the XIs have started to work on their carvings for the pop-up sale in December. They first sketch out their ideas on paper and then carve them into linoleum in Art class. The carvings are then engraved into a wooden block and then put into the printing press to make cards using the design. So far, they have started carving their designs into the linoleum. The XIs D had a workshop on printing last week, where Daniella went over the steps. They were able to perform each step with her watching over them, and are quickly progressing in printing ability.

In the XIs J, they have painted the boxes in which they will put their scrolls, brushes, and stamps when they are finished with the project. “We’re delving deeper into the idea of chi, yin and yang, daoism, and religion,” said Benjamin Squires in the XIs J.

A couple weeks ago, the XIs J took a trip to the Met and then went to Central Park to gain inspiration for their scroll paintings.

With all of the projects and the massive trip to Freshkills, the XIs sure are kept busy. Working on the press and putting together a pop-up card sale, while also researching sustainability and the environment is a big task. The XIs are fully prepared to take on the challenges to come and look forward to the rest of the year.

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