The Vs Dive Into New Studies

The Vs have been exploring some new territory. They are experimenting with new processes and also have some new creatures they are observing. It seems like they have settled and are ready to face work with a positive attitude and curious mind. One thing that is being introduced to the Vs curriculum is the observation of worms “We have compost and give it to the worms and chop it up into little pieces so the worms can eat,” explained Lucy Walkush. The Vs are extremely excited to handle live animals in the classrooms, “I love holding the worms,” says Gray Phillips. In the past years the Vs have brought compost down to the kitchen every day. Now the Vs are finding out where the compost goes after it they throw it out. They are feeding the worms the compost so the worms can make fertilizer. “We give them a soft layer of newspaper to rest on,” said Ayden McLaughlin. Not only are the Vs experimenting with compost they are also connecting to nature which is not

always available in the city. In addition to the Vs’ new friends in the class room, they are also experimenting with how they use their block time. Each week the Vs sign up to make a structure out of blocks that will be built over the span of a week. This give the Vs the opportunity to continue to expand their structures and develop them instead of deconstructing them every day. They are becoming experts in the materials they are working with. The Vs are now able to experiment with new ideas and things given in the classroom as they continue to grow and thrive in the classroom.

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