The VIIs See the Sights

The VIIs recently went on a trip where they took the East River Ferry and got to ask the crew their questions. Valentina Mafaro and Adrian Lucca, VIIsC, both agreed that the trip was “really fun”, and that they got to see some really interesting parts of the city, like the Brooklyn Bridge which they are about to study. When asked about the trip Adrian Lucca, VIIsC, exclaimed that he “saw lots of seagulls and even a fish!” This trip was a segway into the VIIs Brooklyn Bridge study which will consist of multiple trips to the Brooklyn Bridge and the surrounding area. Valentina Mafaro, VIIsC, said that she is excited to build the Brooklyn Bridge and knows that “even though it will be hard it if going to be very cool.”

Back in the VIIs classrooms there is a lot of chaos as they are starting to understand the Brooklyn Bridge and how it was built. In the VIIsR there was a lot of intricate work being done, some kids were on the ground practising making Cassions, while others were graphing what the bridge would like back in time. When building the Brooklyn Bridge the VIIs are learning about its structure, history, and future. The VIIs are working closely with Katrina, the science teacher, and utilizing their resources to recreate a bridge which will be study and historically accurate. They will get the opportunity to individually study specific areas of the bridge, like researching the worker who built the bridge, or what materials the bridge used to be built. Leo McGowan, VIIsR, explained that he is learning about the roadway on the bridge. At the end of everyone’s individual study the VIIs will come together and share their knowledge about their area of expertise.

Over all, the VIIs are thoroughly enjoying their study and can’t wait to continue learning about the historical New York landmark that. With so much interesting things going on the VIIs have to put in their full effort to get it complete.

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