The Search For A New Life

Searching for a better quality of life, over 5,000 people have joined a caravan of migrants as they continue their journey to what is considered the land of opportunity…The United States. By caravan of migrants, this means a group of immigrants heading towards the border. The caravan has formulated and is continuously growing as individuals journey from Honduras, north through Guatemala, and towards Mexico bound to the United States. The group of Central Americans are banding together to overcome, and ultimately escape, the extreme poverty and violence from their home countries. There is hope, security, aide, and even publicity in huge numbers, and this has certainly proven to be the case as President Trump tweets about threatening to cut of foreign aid to Honduras if the caravan doesn’t turn around.

It is understood that no one wants to leave their home or their loved ones behind. However, in the case of this recent phenomenon of the caravan of migrants, nearly all of them Hondurans, their reasons seem justified: poverty, corruption, and gang violence. As the group of migrants journey from region to region, others facing similar circumstances are joining the movement to a better quality of life. They are met along their route with hostility, bureaucracy, and threats to close borders and cut off aid; if they continue to proceed towards regions such as the United States who is not ready to accept such large quantities of people.

“I think that it is pitiful and unfortunate to see these foreigners desperately trying to escape their country an move to America, just a sad thing to see.” This was said by an anonymous XIII. When asked if they agree with Donald Trump stopping the caravan, they went on to say “Although it is horrible, I do not think that they have the right to just go into our country without some sort of regulation–it could lead to some type of invasion.” When asked if he agrees with Donald Trump Skuli Baumgardner, XIII, said “Typically Trump is pretty bad at stopping people from doing stuff. I'm sure they'll find their way around him.”

Despite the support and/or opposition, the migration caravan continues focused on the finish line, the U.S. border. Migration has its downside as there are not always individuals migrating for betterment. Some individuals use the process as migration as a shield to provide networks in human trafficking, drugs, terrorism, etc. and criminal organizations. The United States, like other countries in the past, are exercising precautions in accepting unscreened/undocumented individuals into a vast land in which many can become displaced resulting in familiar circumstances in which they originally fleeing.

Migration is beneficial if there are policies and the proper support in place to accommodate individuals. When this is done, a region can experience economic growth as migration can assist in filling labor gaps. When policies and programs are at their best, migration can be controlled, entrance, exits, and on what terms. The Bracero program of 1942, which was a seasonal guest worker program in Mexico assisted in regulating immigration flows. The United States and Mexico had a series of bilateral agreements allowing this program to not only aid individuals but to control and protect borders. However, it doesn’t seem as if such policies are in place, as immigrants struggle to find work to pay for homes.

The history of migration has demonstrated how groups of individuals settled in various regions. Migration has always brought the beauty of diversity and culture, and often peace of mind through a better quality of life. However, based on the various attacks, threats, and economic struggles in America not everyone is willing to welcome the migration caravan with open arms. Although many are sympathetic to their cause, many feel that we just can’t afford to care for others at this time.

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