The School Store is Open!

On October 26th, after months of training and preparation, the IXs announced their store, the First Floor Store, to be open. Held in the yard, the opening was witnessed by many members of the community including the Xs, siblings, and parents. The IXs began their opening by discussing their process. Explaining in their speeches that they split up into small group groups to discuss items, money, and presentation.

The items were decided by a small group of IXs that surveyed the community for advice on which supplies are most necessary. After all of the items were final, the IXs voted on which supply they wanted. Once they had completed this process, the IXs ordered their items online line from stores such as W.B. Mason, Staples, School Specialty, and Quill.

The presentation group worked on deciding the name, mascots, logo, and colors that would represent the store. After a close vote, the First Floor Store was the decided name. Their mascots are Inky and Dinky, two charming and lovable characters. Inky is an Ink bottle, while Dinky is a goofy giraffe. Who could have thought of such an imaginable idea? The colors of the store match the mascots perfectly; yellow, brown, and red. Owen (last name) from the IXsJ said “I think everyone was happy with what was chosen.”

When reflecting on the process, the IXs were thankful for the opportunity of creativity, independence, and a chance to work on their writing skills; as they had to write many speeches. Overall, “This process was so fun!” exclaimed Tabitha (last name) and Owen (last name). Although the IXs are sad that the process is over, they are elated to finally run their first store.

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