The Midterm Elections are in the XIIIs' Classroom

This week was host to the 2018 Midterm Elections, and the XIIIs ascertained information on the elections. In the beginning, the XIIIs researched the “toss-up” elections and they tried to foresee the results based on the polls and voting history of their state. A toss-up election is an election that basically could go either way, it is extremely challenging to precisely predict the results.

“I’m fond of research projects of that types, such as: here's some sources and here’s the project… and GO. However, I thought that it was a bit unfair that some people get the bigger states and some people got the smaller states. Some people got four states, and some people got half a state. It was a bit unbalanced because some people got some regions where they had some big stories, while some people got some more irrelevant states.” said Skuli Baumgardner, a student in the XIIIs. The XIIIs chose their own regions to study, and what was left over of the fifty states was later assigned equally.

The XIIIs have delved into these midterm elections quite deeply, starting out by creating a presentation that they later shared to their classmates. Each XIIIs’ presentation included a summary of what makes up each of their state’s economy, how the state’s topography, climate, and terrain affects the economy, the racial and religious demographics, and various editorials, letters to the editor, and endorsements targeted towards the midterm elections. Prior to the final election night, the XIIIs predicted the tight elections for a seat on the United States Congress.

The XIIIs also read two articles about how this year’s midterms have been significantly different than prior elections, a lot more people have participated in early voting, and a large percentage of people who answered a survey said that they are almost certain to vote.

Although the process was a somewhat difficult task to heave onto thirteen-year-old students, many of the XIIIs enjoyed the research projects and being more engaged in the Midterm Elections. In conclusion, the XIIIs on average predicted two out of three of their states’ election correctly, a total of about sixty-seven percent of the nation’s toss-up elections were forecasted right.

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