The IVs Look Ahead

As the IVs continue on with their busy little lives, they never cease to expand their new friendships, relationships with twelves, and their desire to learn. Now that the lVs are farther into the year, the Xlls have wedged their way further into the lVs hearts and have become a normal part of their schedule. Also, the IVs have dug deeper into emotions and made a chart with all of them on it such as mad, happy, confused, and mixed. In general, the IVs have reached a stage in the year where they are mostly settled in, and ready to rock. While the IVs do flourish on the roof yard and in the rhythms room, they also have been learning a lot in their classrooms. William Rosenberg, IVsL, recently reached a massive milestone: successfully writing other people’s names. Not only did he write the name of his fantastic XII, Lars Mullarky, but he even wrote the name of his favorite character of all time: Harry Potter. William is very passionate about Harry Potter, and he even has the glasses to match. His favorite movie is the first one, and he has only read the first book. Another Lars-related thing that William wrote, was a letter to his mother. This more lengthy job required the help of a faithful XII, but working together they got the job done. Unsurprisingly, in the letter William was asking his mother to see Harry Potter, as a true enthusiast would.

Another fun activity in the lVs’ lively classroom was that they created emotion sticks and jars, that they now use. At some point during the day, if a lV is feeling a certain emotion, they take the stick with their name on it, and put it in a jar that has the emotion they are feeling labeled on it. When we asked Pierce Shea, lVsN, what the chart was for, he responded, “so we remember what feeling we are feeling.” This emotion tool was very effective last year too, and helps the IVs feel more comfortable sharing their emotions.

Now that they are more experienced, the lVs have started to build and create even more elaborate projects. “I’m building an airplane carrier,” said Pierce. His friend Sean Perez, also lVsN, said “Me too.” Maggie Ens, the woodshop teacher, shared that the lVs are super creative and have made some incredible woodworkings. Also, we noticed that the lVs are unbelievably strong. “This went into the table,” said Beatrice Kessler, lVsN, when telling Maggie that she accidently hammered her nail into the table, an impressive feat. Maggie then showed Bea how to remove the nail from the table, without damaging it. As we meandered our way to the far side of the classroom, we caught some of the lVsN students painting. When we asked what Nur Parnes Molcho was painting, she replied, “a rainbow.” With much activity going on in the room of diligent lVs, one could hardly notice the many stations set up for work time.

With an excess of compelling things to do, like write, talk to friends, and build awesome projects, the IVs are strongly progressing in a multifarious assortment of activities. They are all hard workers, but never forget to have fun. For example, a new addition to the lVsN classroom is a popcorn machine, producing a delicious snack for these hungry creators. The IVs are in for a treat this year, and not just the popped variety. Their wonderful teachers, Liana Stampur and Naomi Selwin, are attentive to the IVs needs, and take time out of their days for the children’s benefit. As one can see, the lVs have continued to grow as young students, and they are popping with enthusiasm.

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